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Northport Yacht Club
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Located in Northport Maine, on Penobscot Bay;   44'22.827 N   68'58.048 W
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The Northport Yacht Club was founded in 1939 in the village of Bayside in Northport Maine.  Our mission as stated in the original charter:
  • To encourage the sport of boating and sailing;
  • To promote the science of seamanship and navigation;
  • To be a community service club and to provide members with an opportunity to participate in a variety of boating and/or social activities;
  • To provide and maintain a suitable clubhouse and anchorage for recreation and use by our members.

The Northport Yacht Club is much more than a club for boaters and boat owners.  The club has always taken the fulfillment of the social aspects of our charter directives seriously.  Only a minority of our members participate in sailing races or go on club cruises.  Most join simply to have fun, meet people and participate in social activities in and for the general Bayside Community.  It is the social aspects of the club that keep most members coming back.    

Our low annual dues are: $65 for boat owners, $55 for a non boat owning family (w/children)
  $45 for a non boat owning couple/single  $35 for  a single Junior(<30) or Senior (> 65); 
There is no initiation fee. 

Please see the Why Join page for more about who we are and what we do.  NYC Benefits / Why Join
Please see the member signup page to join.  Join