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  • Ho Ho Ho

    Today’s picture is Ho Ho Ho, photographed at the Northport Yacht Club by our elf, David Leaming, who also provides these prose:


    ‘Twas a week before Christmas, and all through silent Bayside,

    Not a creature was stirring but the waves from the incoming tide.

    No sunbathers, nor boaters or mackerel fishermen with high hopes.

    Not even the sight of too many dinghies all twisted and tied with short ropes.

    The row of cottages are lifeless; no wet towels or life jackets hanging from deck railing,

    The rockers sit without motion, like a windless day when you’re out sailing.

    No aroma of burgers and hot dogs grilling or beer tops a-popping

    Or Jim Kelly going on about his boat Joie de Burpee, for which there is no stopping.

    Empty of George Allen, often seen rowing Sea Alyse with never-ending strokes.

    One thing about Junior—he’s got a bucket load of bad jokes.

    No yelling by Bruce Smith, barking orders as friends frantically help step his mast,

    A stressful chore for a sailing buddy whose salty language will leave you aghast.

    Where is the hard-working commodore Gordon? No rest for the weary.

    Hope he’s still not stewing over the Journal calling him Gary.

    No humming of flying drones guided by Dan and Jon, bringing cheers and some hooting.

    Stay clear of the Northport Skeet Club; they love new targets for shooting.

    Or the sight of Sally nosing around with that spotting scope tool.

    No one is safe from her scanning; just don’t get caught acting like a dang fool.

    Or the teamwork of work parties, readying the fleet for the water.

    Always great when kids help with the chores, be it a son or a daughter.

    Let’s not forget the board meetings where club decisions are debated with spirit.

    You’ll need thick skin for these gatherings; be tough and full of true grit.

    And speaking of spirit, there’s no sign of Jackie, busy with many things clubbish,

    Delegating dos and don’ts to helpers, including even Jim, her hubbish.

    The guys sitting around the deck, robust laughing reddens their eyes,

    The ladies calmly chatting and sipping wine from NYC  merchandise.

    But winter will fade quickly once it gets going, so have no fear.

    In spring, Bayside will waken again with bustling folks from away and quite near.

    Enjoy the holidays that bring gifts of happiness and friends singing Christmas carols and such.

    Try not to indulge in lots of sweets, butter and cream, and don’t drink too much.

    But if you do, then hoist one for ol’ Bayside, that every year always welcomes you back.

    Everyone and every place needs a vacation, a time to give each other some slack.

    I hope the winter goes by fast, as I have my sights on bare ground and the warmth of the day

    To get my new Pearson 30 in the water so I can happily go sailing and play.

    Sincere happy holidays to you all, and may next year bring good health and warm cheer.

    May Santa fill your stockings with toys, fruits and nuts, and plenty of cold, tasty beer.

    The Merciful END

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    Please tell your friends and Bayside neighbors about this mailing list and about www.baysidemaine.com.  If you know someone who might be interested in being included, just send me their email address.

    Dan Webster (dan@baysidemaine.com)

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