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Northport Yacht Club
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Located in Northport Maine, on Penobscot Bay;   44'22.827 N   68'58.048 W
Bayside aerial pan by Jon Linn
                                                                    Welcome to the NYC website!    
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Things to Note: 

>> Membership renewal for the summer of 2018 will not be open until February 15 2018.  This is due to a limitation of our new software. 

>> A new summer 2017 photo album has been uploaded, see it in the Club photos tab.


When the club subscribed to Club Express for their website and database services, there was an issue with the merchant processor

 that handles credit card transactions on behalf of Northport YC and ClubExpress.  


This is NOT a security issue. Your personal data is secure and has not been compromised.

The issue was that a flag was never set for NYC Transactions at the merchant processor to put the transactions through to the destination 

credit card company.  This means the NYC was paid for your transaction but that money was never put on your credit card.  


So, while Club Express was paying the club all along for all amounts charged to credit cards, they themselves were not reimbursed for
those charges from members credit card accounts.   
This applies to all credit card transactions from February 20, 2017 through October 23, 2017.

The problem was fixed and any unprocessed credit charges should have or will appear on your credit card statement very soon.
It may be for transactions that happened as early as February 20th. Please don’t be alarmed when you see this Northport YC charge. 


Again, this is not a security issue. They are simply completing a charge that should have appeared earlier.

If you have any questions, or don't recognize a charge, please call Club Express at 866 457-2582.  

You can also contact them by email at


Both Club Express, and the yacht club sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused. 

***Update 11/17/2017   If you did credit card transactions with us between the above dates, the affected credit card charges have 
been applied to your account as of today, please  check your statements and verify them. 

Some of the things members can do on the website
:   Want to submit something to be included in the  
 * Renew your membership Tell Tale?   We are always looking for content.
 * Download your personalized membership card (see the FAQ page) Send an email to:
 * Check the NYC calendar for upcoming events
 * Download the Tell Tale, race results and more
 * Check out pictures from past summers
 * Read old cruising logs, or articles on the club's history (see the documents tab) 
 * Participate in online forums to discuss both club and non-club issues and interests

Please note:  We have a help desk!  If you have any difficulties completing transactions on this website, very competent live support for anything regarding this website is available from Club Express by phone or email. You can call and receive live support from Club Express between 7:30 AM through and 6 PM Monday through Friday.  You will receive over the phone help from the Club Express support center in Chicago Illinois.   We have found them to be responsive, personable and very helpful.  Just call (866) 457-2582 or (847) 255-0210

You can receive help via email at  (and also at

Thursday Evening activity at the clubhouse
Thurday Evening at the clubhouse
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Bayside Weather
Bayside Weather

NYC Cruise at Pickering Island 2016